London Irish Partners is a responsible company and a responsible employer.

Responsible Ethos

Real Estate developments have an impact beyond the financial returns that can be generated for investors. We recognise we also need to consider the non-financial elements of our investments such as the human, social and environmental impacts. This recognition is key to creating long-term value for our shareholders and creating sustainable businesses for employees and other stakeholders.

London Irish Partners has always aimed to be a responsible company. We have a strong track record of environmentally positive projects, a reputation for transparent communications and have long been a supporter of local charitable organisations

For London Irish Partners, corporate responsibility is about being a responsible company, a responsible employer and a responsible investor.

We take responsibility for our actions, carefully consider how others will be affected by our choices and ensure that our values and ethics are integrated into our formal business policies, practices and plans.

Sustainability & Environmental

We believe that climate change is the single biggest threat to our planet and that we must take reasonability in tackling it. It is important we understand the environmental impacts our business has on present and future communities. We operate 4 core Sustainable and Environmental values:

  • Take responsibility for our present and future impact on the environment
  • Actively reduce our carbon footprint
  • Use sustainable resources where possible
  • Understand our impact on eco-systems

We are currently taking steps to become a carbon neutral company. But we know we must do more to reduce the impact of our own operations, particularly as our business is expanding.

Our ambition is to:

Reduce our carbon footprint, and work towards decoupling carbon emissions from business growth.

Our milestone target is:

To reduce carbon intensity, relative to turnover, by 15% by 2020 compared with 2012.


From pollution control to responsible sourcing, London Irish Partners takes the environmental responsibilities of construction seriously. We work hard to ensure that our policies not only support, but often exceed the regulatory requirements

Environmental Policy

We aim to minimise environmental impact through compliance, innovation, training and environmental management systems

Responsible Sourcing Policy

We consider the environmental impact of every purchasing decision we make.

Pollution Control Policy (Water)

We take precautions to ensure the complete protection of watercourses and ground water against pollution.

Pollution Control Policy (Air)

National air quality objectives influence the measures we undertake to control air pollution on our sites.

Complaints Policy

We are committed to delivering the highest quality service possible at all times so we have procedures in place if complaints do arise.

Quality Policy

We are acknowledged as one of the leading names for quality and value in education and healthcare construction and our commitment is demonstrated through the Higgins Management System.

Sustainable Development Policy

We are committed to delivering quality community developments which address the needs of both today’s and future generations.

Anti-bribery Policy

We are committed to promoting and maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in all our business activities and have a zero tolerance policy towards bribery.

Pollution Control Policy (Noise)

We recognise that some of the operations and processes involved in delivering our projects have an adverse impact in relation to noise pollution but we take steps to minimize them as much as possible

Health & Safety

For London Irish Partners, Health and Safety is always are primary concern. We have a zero tolerance policy on health and safety which is systemic throughout all departments of our organisation.

Regardless of the size or nature of the contract, our health and safety principles do not waiver. We believe our approach to health and safety has been a major contributing factor in being awarded many of the local authority and commercial contracts we have won.

Our Health and Safety objectives are:

  • Comply with all regulatory bodies
  • Build and improve on regulator’s standards where possible
  • Ensure all staff are appropriately trained in health and safety
  • Ensure all staff, operators and site visitors are recorded and inducted when arriving on site
  • Biannually review our health and safety procedures
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